Fingal Community & Sports Hub – Tyrrelstown 

The Fingal Community & Sports Hub was established with the purpose of encouraging and supporting the development of local groups & services and to increase activities in priority community centre’s. Particular focus is on encouraging new and emerging groups in the area such as resident’s groups or interest groups, by providing a space in which to meet, with the added support of the Community Development Officer.   

The space is offered on a taster basis to encourage groups, services and organisations who can benefit the community, with a view to longer term use of the community centre.  

The Hub allows the community office to collaborate with community members & the community centre, with a view to bridging gaps identified in the community. By partnering with support services and agencies the Hub provides space to run programmes/clinics for community members to avail of.   


Current & upcoming activities in Tyrrelstown Community & Sports Hub: 

*Garda Clinics                  *Community Group space            

*English Language classes           * Community Counselling             

*Resident Group Meetings 

*Blanchardstown Adult Education Service (returning 23 March)   

* Meetings of Tyrrelstown Development Group and Sub group: Building Stronger Communities  


Tyrrelstown’s Community Development Officer, Deirdre Gaughran is available by appointment weekly in the Hub and will be happy to meet with groups from Tyrrelstown who have an interest in using the space.  Contact Deirdre on 087 1823611 / 


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